Color your WORLD! Cerulean


Sky Blue is Cerulean too?


Yeah! Yeah! YEAH! This is too!


David Wright Print beautiful Indian Princess. Beautiful Blue

The color blue is a favorite for me
Is it for you?
The sky and the blue in your eye
They both can make me smile
And they both can make me cry

Without the color blue many colors wouldn’t live
Because it’s blue their life to give
It’s true Red, Green and Blue are resonsible for all our hue

Blue is a favorite for me
Is it for you


Color Your World – Cerulean

Color your world Carnation Pink

County Fair

Every color in color my world here!


Pretty in PINK


There’s Carnation Pink somewhere! My granddaughter Jayelyn

My 2nd entry in the color my world the genius of Jennifer Nichole Wells
I must admit that my entry and blog leave a lot to be desired compare to the others but I’m just learning and having fun too.


Learn from Neil

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 Midnight Blue:

Blue Jeans: Everybody loves them and Blue Jeans are %90 of my wardrobe. I probably have as many Jeans hanging in my closet as any man! From “Levis” to “True Religion” I wear them to work, to play and even to church. I can honestly say I would feel naked without them. Blue Jean shorts I don’t have or go for but other than that my favorite thing to wear. Even Denim a.k.a. Blue Jean Jacket. I bet everyone or should I say anyone who reads this post has a pair of Blue Jeans the most durable piece of clothing known to man.

I’ve got the blues? I have often wondered how an incredible color like blue got such an association. Blue is soothing. Blue is calming.But sad or in despair? It must be from the “Blues” a genre in music with reference to lower notes because I can’t imagine anything else. Like the ocean or the sky or the blue of the paint brush on canvas. Blue is anything and everything but sad,low or down!

Blue Eyes: Frank Sinatra, “Old Blue Eyes” and me too. My blue eyes has helped  me with the ladies over the years. I will never forget the first time I became aware because it was really cool! I think I was in the 7th grade and the first day of school I had this sizzling hot beautiful  girl with silky black hair sit in front of me. I kept thinking and praying and hoping she would turn around but she never did. The next day I tapped her on the shoulder to ask some made up fake stupid question like “do you have an  eraser I can borrow”? But when she turned around she screams “your eyes”! Hell, I thought they were bleeding or something! I don’t do selfies!

Blue Bell: My favorite Ice Cream brand



Christmas 2015


Just to be sure


From Google Images


Shower Curtain-Exciting huh?

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Writing 101

“And for you first twist?Publish this stream o-conciousness on your blog..” Here it is
Just start writing. 20 mins daily blog habit! Habits how I hate them! Universal law, that bad habits come easy while good habits do not? I wonder if everyonev feels tat way or if it’s just bad habit people?
29/59 and 20 mins to blog write and 1 hour of physical fitness. How hard coold that possibly be. Sounds easy, looks easy but I have yet to make those habits again. The last few years have been habit crushers, u can give you excellent excues but they are still excuses. Why I can’t ve the person I want to be is baffling. Am I trying to hard? Is it the survival meds? As I write,read and think here I can’t believe myself! I have a life of complete freedom. One could say I’m all alone. No family living with me, no job with colleagues but in reality is that not pure freedom? I can say,do and feel like I want to and I have not a soul to deal with. In reality I have the absolute freedom to be and do anything!
So, I think I’ll start right here, rght now! This moment be,do and feel like a writer who can change lives. A writer who can make you dream, make you laugh, make you cry. Make you feel where nothing or no one has been able to. Thaw that ice. Isn’t that what we’re “here for”? Each other? Whose life can I touch today?
Whose Spiritual journey can I shine a light on, cover a pot hole, give a hand up the hill or hand to pick up or be picked up?
Times up. Until next time

Color Your World – Mahogany

406d3844f5d94a7731ab5fabf115b904 The world would be boring without things like Mahogany



Mahogany something only God could make

What could one say or how many pictures can be posted to even begin to convey  this incredible color and the impact it has made in our lives! From the floor I am standing on tho the vase and the table it sits on to this post and on and on! It is MIND BOGGLING!

It is an awesome people color, print, paint and on and on……The more I write the more pictures I want to throw out but nothing can do justice or thank God for this color in creation. This color is proof positive of  loving creator.



Color Your World – Laser Lemon

This site is the bee’s knees (by TR)

Source: Color Your World – Laser Lemon


I guess Yellow Green is the same color as Green Yellow only “ass backwards”?  Leave it to the Crayola Crayon company to come up with such a plethora of colors. I guess they are responsible for this and many colors but all originated from the minds of man (man not in gender but in creation). The mind with it colors. The mind with it’s dreams. The mind with it’s fears and it’s ideas. The mind! Or lack of it as in mine.

The mind as in, this one is  mine?

The mind as in, this one can rhyme?

The mind as in, can rhyme just one time?

The mind looks back to read line by line

Are my words stupid or funny or are they fine?

Hell! Who cares the minds on wine!

And by the way the minds color is lime!


PS= Don’t know about the colors when I go to bed

But guaranteed when I awake to see the color Lead



















This will be the easiest color challenge I have ever attempted because my world is GRAY! It is so gray that I may paint the picture with my words alone. I am writing this piece from my third residence in the last 8 months and I feel absolutely GRAY. Gray became I have 3 adult children with children making me a grand pa. A grand pa that rarely gets to see his grand children or his own children for that matter.
There are a variety of reasons for this but the basic one is forgiveness or should I say a lack .of forgiveness, The details are of no importance for the failure to forgive, resentments, baggage of the past are all deadly, all toxic and all evil. I know of no man who has not hurt or been hurt but I know of many who can not let go. I know of many who do not realize their pain is their pain and they are the only ones that can relieve their pain. It is no secret that when someone has hurt me, when some one has angered me that the root of my anger lies within. My pain, my steam, my tears belong to no one but me and I must look within to find the reason why. PRIDE can often top the list. How could “they” or how could “you” do that to me! ME! ME! Come on!  ME? Who the hell am I anyway? If I die this very minute? Who cares? The sun will shine, the rain will pour so what if I am no more?

It may seem I care not for life. But I do. I may sound as if I am lonely but I’m not. the-hundreds-jun-black-gray-1

This ain’t me but it is a good pic of the gray feel today!

Color Your World – Gray