Follow me This blog was started years ago…

Follow me? This blog was started years ago to sell Baseball cards and learn to blog simultaneously. I didn’t realize how hard blogging was! That endeavor was cut short by Cancer and today I am amazed at how advanced technology and WordPress are. On one hand it’s good as I have the world ( and I mean the whole planet) with wonderful kind hearted experienced bloggers to learn from but on the other hand I have no excuse not to learn how to blog and today this site is primarily my training site. My first follower who I hope reads this is truly a blessing and I want her to know how grateful I am because I have so much to learn. I once dreamed of being the “badest blogger on the block” and now I have no excuses. Heck! The world’s worst speller because of my Android Smartphone will now be spell proof! But then there are themes,and backgrounds and color and etiquette and RSS and…..I better stop before I start making excuses! I have a vision of multiple blogs for various reasons but don’t know if I will ever have knowledge enough or be savvy enough for that so for now I have this site,one follower and a dream to be the ” baddest blogger on the block!”