In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself!.”

I would think the majority of us in the blogsphere would respond with WRITE. I know writing is my passion, that “thing” that frees me from the hum-drum of the day, engages my imagination, creativity and my BS shovel. Got to have a little BS, ya know!

I have other passions but they are somewhat selfish whereas my writing is more about you than me. Can I make you laugh? Cry? Think? What can I say to change your life, if only for a moment? I can honestly say the words I have read on the “follow” blogs have been a blessing

FaceBook,Twitter ala Social Media is popular but more off the cuff and aloof. Here we think about what we’re going to say. Here we bare our souls. Here we go ” full Komono”! Nowhere past or present are my creative juices invited to explode more than “our world”. Nowhere do I get more excited about sharing me or consuming you than this virtual Nirvana. Here we showcase our passions like photography,poetry and the cap stone blogging. Nowhere is more humbling than here because I stand in awe at the content and dream of being the writer or the poet of my fellows. I like poetry and photography too. I became enamored with photography because of technology that makes this device I’m using to write this post a camera. A camera that is always by my side and with time and effort can fool the best ala use my shovel into thinking I’m a photographer! And poetry! The poems in this realm have touched my soul. But again, how humbling, and I dream of touching souls as mine have been. YOUR work,writing,photos,poems have added value to my life beyond description. You have increased my passion,my dream and made my juices flood because I want to give back. I could go on forever but I think I’m starting to ramble. I’ll end with an old crusty poem from the 3rd grade (I think)
“I’m a poet and you didn’t know it
But look at my feet, they’ll show it
They’re Long Fellows”
Now for a picture?
That might be a little to much BS! I think I’ll stop and put my shovel up.