In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pride and Joy.”

My most prized possession was very easy to come up with. In fact it hit me like a brick, a bolt of lighting! My faith is my most prized possession because I don’t have pets or very many material things and without my faith my life would be empty and I would have nothing. I would have never imagined faith as a possession much less my “Pride and Joy.”

Over the course of my life I have had cars, many of which I would not have lived without and I bought each of my kids a car making cars very important and in that season of  life would have classified all of them as pride and joy! Especially the 45 Ford chopped pickup with a Mustang rear end and huge back tires! Pride and Joy? Just be sitting at the red light next to me to see and hear! Yes it was loud. The red pride and joy Honda prelude with the with white  racing stripes was such a pride and joy for my son the police had a tendency to follow him wherever he went. Dumb daddy move! A hot car at age 15. I owned homes, each one “bigger and better” and at the times in my life that required a large home for a family of five I would spend hours on end each week taking care of my home for the pride an joy that lived within.

But today my pride and joy is forever. It can not be taken away or wrecked or stolen or die. It’s ironic that those things that brought me the ultimate pride and joy,things I could not have possibly lived without, are meaningless now and life is much simpler. It’s also ironic that it took the loss of magnificent things that brought pride and joy to realize true pride and true joy. I laugh now at my old Ford Pickup and man did I go to a lot of trouble to get that thing! And my last home had a yard I would commit suicide now before cleaning that field! But my faith, that saved my life, makes me cherish moments like this and give me the assurance of tomorrow is my, and what I think, is the ultimate pride and joy.