Remember When?

I can remember when  gas for the family Ford Falcon 4 door sedan, with three on the tree, was 75 cents a gallon and you could get 2 sticks of Bubble Gum with 5 Baseball cards for a Dime. A carton of Cigarettes, 20 packs, was $2.25 and a Krystal Hamburger was 15 CENTS. I was in 1st grade, which I’m proud to say I passed, so I do not have

any health insurance or housing data and though I am a Red Neck, Whitebread, Georgia Cracker I did not smoke until the 3rd grade! I remember the $2.25 because my mom bought her dad cigarettes at the PX. That’s Post Exchange for ya’ll no military types.

I was born in 1956 and few figures that year: New House $11,725.00 bought on average income of $4,454.00 a year, gas 22 Cents, US Postage Stamp 3 Cents,  Bacon 58 Cents a pound, Bread 18 Cents and a dozen eggs was 27 Cents. An obvious genius and child prodigy to remember all this on my way home from the hospital but I must admit my step mother (where’d that ugly nomenclature come from!) gave me a book for my Birthday with US Census data that I’m proud to pass on to the world of “WordPress.”

I would continue and bore you to snore but because of that 70’s show and Mary Jane that everybody smoked I  don’t remember when that much. I do remember Mary came with a lid or 4 or 5 fingers for 30 BUCKS though!

To old for that stuff now and I look forward to your replies/post on what you remember and when.