POST a day Keeps BLUES away

the-future-aint-what-it-used-to-be I had started this blog years ago to sell Baseball cards but got sidetracked by Cancer. WordPress has come a long way since my sell Baseball cards endeavor and I am in awe at how advanced it is and how many blogs there are. I am also amazed at the number of talented writers and photographers and the awesome blogs they have created. Being a newbie I can’t imagine having a blog like some I’ve seen and there are so many! Right now I struggle with which ones to follow and how many to follow. I also struggle with creating 1 post a day which is embarrassing because of technology I have no excuse. This post for instance is from the palm of my hand, from my Smart Phone so I can’t say I don’t have time. I am just now learning how to post and reply to post with this Android and I hope to use it to post pictures too. But my goal of a post a day was to keep the blues away. I have not done that and I have been blue! So! Maybe you’ll see a post tommorow or at least a reply to a post BECAUSE a post a day will keep the blues away.