No pic only words

I don’t have a picture to capture your attention and I wonder if technology hasn’t taken the beauty from a picture in words. Long befor the first shutter made a black and white fuzzy photo people painted their pictures in words and many of those pictures have and will stand the test of time. They will be read and re-read while pictures end up where pictures often do pilled up with their counterparts who for a monent, for a week etc. “shook the world ”

I am a fan of technology! I’m well known for using my Android at %90 of the places I go for photo ops. My Picasa is full of pictures from the most boring of events to the spectacular but I’m reluctant to use them in post. Is it because I’m a newbie to the Wide World of WordPress or do I want people to color their own picture from my words? What photo is there to let those bloggers I’m reading know how their words make my heart “soar like an eagle” or break my heart and I sob myself to sleep or laugh till I can’t laugh anymore. Is there a photo op of the soul?

Maybe I’m just to green and all those goofy photos will one day capture you and my words won’t mean as much. To those bloggers I admire and envy, your words I remember, your photos I look it.