Color YOUR World Caribbean Green


Dead Man's Chest

15 Men on a Dead Man’s Chest from Robert Louis Stevenson ” Treasure Island” or “Pirates of the Caribbean”
What better way to color YOUR World: Caribbean Green than with Pirates from the Caribbean! Who hasn’t entertained the thought, saw the movie and or read books or played Pirates as a kid. I love Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean is destined to be one of if not the most loved Pirate movie of all time. Same can be said about the book “Treasure Island.”A book not only read and re-read for pleasure but has been read for grades in school many times and I think in more than one language too.
I can feel the spray of the ocean and the rock of the boat as I write. I can hear the unmistakable sound of the Captain with his peg leg, a wooden leg because of a shark bite when he was 1st mate, on deck above as I hide in the galley below for fear of being tossed over board because I’m here from the world of WordPress coloring my world Caribbean Green.
Hoping my fellow bloggers are near by as they color their World along with me in a sea of minds joined by a color, joined by a challange,by fantasy and by a unique love that our hearts and souls relish. We are not from the future nor the past but make no mistake we are right here. And WE are ONE.


Color Your World – Caribbean Green