I wanted to take moment…

I wanted to take moment and thank those bloggers who give advice on what and what not to do. Who share their experience and links to blogs they feel set the example. I agree with what they say “to an extent”. I agree all posts should be interesting, funny or entertaining etc. And if our blogging does not have that to offer than be a sport and don’t waste people’s precious time and make no mistake time is precious. It is the one commodity we are all short of! But I can’t blog and not mention when appropriate, as in a daily challenge or an event I have never participated in, that I’m new or this is my first time. And whether I mention being green or not I will always try to promote my fellow bloggers and suppl,y links where the time I appear to be wasting will not be wasted after all
The color your world Carnation Pink backfired on me good because I had a 250 word dissertation complete with accolades and links to several blogs I have just been introduced to. I even had funny! I had made comment of Pink not being a manly color and I had searched high and low for a pink jock strap to promote chapeblog.wordpress.com A personal training web site.
Many thanks to Judy Dykstra-Brown for taking personal interest and thanks to all of you for the advice, the comments, the likes etc. and I look forward to continuing to read and learn from each of you.
Is this a “SCHMOOZE” or what!