Color Your World – Dandelion

County Fair

I am CRAZY about this PIC! And it has a lot of the color Dandelion


Young Harris College


Perfect Dandelion shirt


And the “flower” uh/ “weed” too

Looks like “Yeller” to me. I guess I could never be  a color design engineer for Crayola but I do like the color yellow even this one with the fancy name of Dandelion. I remember a time when my Grand Ma Dyer’s yard would be one huge field of nothing but Dandelions and how it would look like it was snowing when a big wind blew across the yard. Her neighbors were not very happy because those warm weather snow flakes would mean Dandelions in their yard. To them they were weeds but to me and my cousins they were flowers of love and memories. Memories of family reunions with  several generations present. Memories of adults of practically every age and children from “fresh out of the oven” to teenagers. The ‘old dawgs” would gather around the grill and cook the T-Bones while the cousins played football and the nieces played cheer leader. Football is big where I grew up and there was always the Ga Bulldog, Ga Tech Engineer debate. There were many reunions were we had no ball so we would use a tin can and I will brag a little here, I can catch a can with the best of them.

That was then and I am sad to say the reunions I have such fond memories of do not seem to be popular in America anymore. I don’t know if it’s the moral decay I have been hearing about for the last decade or the disintegration of the family but I do know I don’t see or hear about big reunions on a regular basis as I once did. Maybe it’s just our busy culture with people spread all over the globe instead of all over the State or the South etc. Maybe reunions are virtual now? Maybe family ain’t family? Have we become so engrossed in ourselves we no longer have time for the aunts or uncles that meant so much to us in our youth? No time for them when they need us the most?

I was recently in the dumps because my favorite aunt who has called me in the past has not called in a long time when it occurred to me that I  have not tried to call her. That’s how “we are” isn’t it?  We bitch about something and then realize we are as guilty, if not more, than anyone. Speaking only for myself I find the things that bother the most about other people are my weakest points, my own character defects. When I get “Po’d” at someone it’s typically because I’m looking in a mirror. Today instead of bitching about not being called or hearing from so and so I immediately pick up the phone and dial when I feel that cloud coming on. That works too as long as they answer. PICK up that PHONE and make that call because not only will it keep that cloud away it just might make somebody’s day



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