Color your WORLD: Denim

Shower Curtain

Blanket of Denim pockets
Denim at Dusk

Denim or in my thoughts today, cotton Blue Jeans colored Denim and even called Denim Jeans, were at a time not long ago, a way of life. Cotton mills of the South thriving and supporting thousands of families weaving cotton products of which the Blue Jean a.k.a.  Denim Jean was the main stay. Entire towns complete with the town Doctor and Denist right “down town” among the rows of mill houses all compliments of the Denim Jean. Keeping up with the “Jones” was simple in Mill Town USA because the Jones across the street and down the street worked in the same mill, made the same wage, owned the same home went to the same Doctor etc. I can vaguely remember my relatives in Mill Town. They were a happy lot! They did everything together. Their kids went to school together, played together, got sick and in trouble together. They seemed to be extremely loyal friends who really cared for each other. I don’t remember there being many conversations about the next Time Share for sale or the latest and greatest Luxury Sedan but I do remember talk about out Johnny’s grades or to beware of the stomach flu that Johnny brought home.  People in  Mill Town were all married and had kids with divorce being unheard of and on Sunday you would find them at the Baptist Church or the  Methodist church across the street. Life seemed so easy, laid back and much simpler back then.

Today Mill Town USA has vanished. Vaporized by the wand of our government who prefers profit over people. Cotton products, the Denim Jean were all deemed cheaper to make over seas regardless of quality standards in  production or the lives of people. What I find troubling is how the product is cheaper to make but more expensive for us to buy.

Things are no longer simple. The Jones are no longer the same. Divorce is more popular than marriage and nobody goes to church anymore.

But we all still wear Denim Jeans! I know I love mine.