Color your WORLD-Eggplant



Never knew hair could have so many colorsicon_eggplant

Colored after one of my favorite Veggies at that!

When I was “growing up”, as they say, hair came in your basic colors. Blonde, Brunette, Red, Black or Brown with the occasional streaks here and there or the strange colors from the “DIY” Hair Stylist. But today you see hair of every color in the Rainbow or of the fruit trees or the vegetable garden etc. I knew that, “but I didn’t know that”, until my daughter started Cosmetology school which I thought was the study of the stars until she showed me some of her work on Mannequins and I was blown away not only by the vast array of color but the styles too. I will admit I would never in my wildest dreams attempt to be a hairstylist! I will also admit to feeling like and old “fuddy duddy” when I was, let say, overwhelmed at the wild DO’S of today.

When I go the the Barber, I mean, Hair Stylist I have to be selective because not all hair stylist today do what is called a “Flat Top.” I decided on such an archaic DO because I have a thick head of hair and it is a pain unless I have a low maintenance hair style like the Flat Top. Finding a good Flat Top barber has not been easy and I thank God for “Glue” because with the hair Goo of today anything can be molded and formed to get by till the next cut. I have had this wild idea of maybe coloring my Flat Top. I even thought bout one color on the sides with a good complimentary accent color on top but my daughter talked me out of it. Since she will not be caught dead with a 59 year old man with the color Banana around the edges and side accented with Eggplant on top I think I’ll just stick with the current coloring of God given white around the edges and brown on top.

Speaking of hair color can one get those darn eye brows that thicken with age and those mystery hairs that crop up on the ears colored? And my granddad!God rest his soul. I will never forget how thick his nose hairs got when he turned 90. Now those babies could really stand a good coloring!


Color Your World – Eggplant