Smart Phone Dumb Person

Thought i would reblog because nobody read it? Maybe needs a ping back?

Baseball Cards

I have been earnestly learning Android technology for the last 4 months. The 3.5 inch device in my hand is my calendar, alarm clock, TV and DVD Player (High Def of course) Library, Book Store, Internet, Global Positioning System, a complete cutting edge Office suite consisting of Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Apache Open Office, several dictionaries and a  Thesaurus! Last but far from least is the communication plarform. Telephone, Snap Chat, e-mail (4 addresses) Bing,Google, Firefox and of course TOR/ORFOX for cloaking aka hiding myself while I surf CyberSpace. But I must confess. I’ve gone to far, I’ve gone overboard.

My first indication of trouble came one morning when I couldn’t find the way out of my driveway. Confused I screamed at the only lady in my life Ms. GPS. I couldn’t believe she apparently overslept leaving me to navigate alone. I’ll never forget our first date because like “all”…

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