Color your world-Goldonrod

Goldenrod! I had never heard of this color before the current Jennifer Wells challenge and I would be remiss if I did not thank her for the world she has opened up for me. Little did I know that once I started blogging again the wonder of things like photography and colors which I rarely gave any thought and took for granted

would take on such meaning and add value to my life.

Picture one does not seem to be as “Goldenrod” as the other two but it does match up to the Crayola spectrum. I would like to visit Goldenrod picture one but of course it’s a fantasy but then again isn’t life? My life would be a fantasy to many as many lives are a fantasy to me and no life is boring although I do hear people say that sometimes.

Much like the colors in  our daily challenge is the colors of our lives. None of them are boring it is only our thinking that makes them so. Take the color white for example. Alone, I would dare say the color White is pretty boring. A plain white piece of paper or a Handkerchief are both pretty boring but add print or paint or sketch to the paper and it becomes anything but boring. A story of love, of death, of horror or laughter and that boring piece of plain white paper is now alive with excitement! It is so much alive now how could it ever have been boring! And the Handkerchief! Punch me in the nose and turn that piece of cloth red and the following chain of events turn into excitement one may want to live without. Both boring alone but it only takes a little to turn them on!

Goldenrod! A color I had never heard of before now. A color I had seen many times, a color that is used in many ways but especially natures way and a color that opened my mind. Opened my thoughts and my thoughts I hope opened your life and no life is boring! In fact it’s your life that when added to the flowers of all our lives that makes our garden exciting!

PS=( does this sound like I’m just rambling?) I hope not