Color Your WORLD- Granny-Smith-Apple

Granny makes a MEAN APPLE PIE! Granny makes a SWEET APPLE PIE!

Granny makes a PORTRAIT APPLE PIE too!



Is it something that only God knows why? Why GRANNY is the BEST COOK especially when it come to things like pies. My granny was the best cook on  the planet. Her biscuits, made of lard that would harden an artery just by walking by one and her gravy were “to die for.” I really miss her cooking. Fried Okra and pan Fried Chicken or Pork Chops! Man, you talk about some good eating. Can you tell I am from the south? No, not south Bronx or south Central LA but south Georgia as in Atlanta. Fried food was big in my neck of the woods but pies were the “cat’s meow” or Cobblers. It would be tough to choose between Peach Cobbler in season and an Apple Pie or an Almond Pie or a Chocolate Pie. I can remember picking the Blueberry or Blackberry from the roadside and granny baking a pie that very same day. There is nothing, absolutely nothing to describe the taste of a pie made from  berries picked within the hour and on the rare occasion made with butter churned from their own cows that morning.  I AM TALKING HEAVEN!

PIE from the locale market $9.00
from granny Smith made that day?

Color Your World – Granny Smith Apple