This will be the easiest color challenge I have ever attempted because my world is GRAY! It is so gray that I may paint the picture with my words alone. I am writing this piece from my third residence in the last 8 months and I feel absolutely GRAY. Gray became I have 3 adult children with children making me a grand pa. A grand pa that rarely gets to see his grand children or his own children for that matter.
There are a variety of reasons for this but the basic one is forgiveness or should I say a lack .of forgiveness, The details are of no importance for the failure to forgive, resentments, baggage of the past are all deadly, all toxic and all evil. I know of no man who has not hurt or been hurt but I know of many who can not let go. I know of many who do not realize their pain is their pain and they are the only ones that can relieve their pain. It is no secret that when someone has hurt me, when some one has angered me that the root of my anger lies within. My pain, my steam, my tears belong to no one but me and I must look within to find the reason why. PRIDE can often top the list. How could “they” or how could “you” do that to me! ME! ME! Come on!  ME? Who the hell am I anyway? If I die this very minute? Who cares? The sun will shine, the rain will pour so what if I am no more?

It may seem I care not for life. But I do. I may sound as if I am lonely but I’m not. the-hundreds-jun-black-gray-1

This ain’t me but it is a good pic of the gray feel today!

Color Your World – Gray