I guess Yellow Green is the same color as Green Yellow only “ass backwards”?  Leave it to the Crayola Crayon company to come up with such a plethora of colors. I guess they are responsible for this and many colors but all originated from the minds of man (man not in gender but in creation). The mind with it colors. The mind with it’s dreams. The mind with it’s fears and it’s ideas. The mind! Or lack of it as in mine.

The mind as in, this one is  mine?

The mind as in, this one can rhyme?

The mind as in, can rhyme just one time?

The mind looks back to read line by line

Are my words stupid or funny or are they fine?

Hell! Who cares the minds on wine!

And by the way the minds color is lime!


PS= Don’t know about the colors when I go to bed

But guaranteed when I awake to see the color Lead