Writing 101

“And for you first twist?Publish this stream o-conciousness on your blog..” Here it is
Just start writing. 20 mins daily blog habit! Habits how I hate them! Universal law, that bad habits come easy while good habits do not? I wonder if everyonev feels tat way or if it’s just bad habit people?
29/59 and 20 mins to blog write and 1 hour of physical fitness. How hard coold that possibly be. Sounds easy, looks easy but I have yet to make those habits again. The last few years have been habit crushers, u can give you excellent excues but they are still excuses. Why I can’t ve the person I want to be is baffling. Am I trying to hard? Is it the survival meds? As I write,read and think here I can’t believe myself! I have a life of complete freedom. One could say I’m all alone. No family living with me, no job with colleagues but in reality is that not pure freedom? I can say,do and feel like I want to and I have not a soul to deal with. In reality I have the absolute freedom to be and do anything!
So, I think I’ll start right here, rght now! This moment be,do and feel like a writer who can change lives. A writer who can make you dream, make you laugh, make you cry. Make you feel where nothing or no one has been able to. Thaw that ice. Isn’t that what we’re “here for”? Each other? Whose life can I touch today?
Whose Spiritual journey can I shine a light on, cover a pot hole, give a hand up the hill or hand to pick up or be picked up?
Times up. Until next time