Midnight Blue:

Blue Jeans: Everybody loves them and Blue Jeans are %90 of my wardrobe. I probably have as many Jeans hanging in my closet as any man! From “Levis” to “True Religion” I wear them to work, to play and even to church. I can honestly say I would feel naked without them. Blue Jean shorts I don’t have or go for but other than that my favorite thing to wear. Even Denim a.k.a. Blue Jean Jacket. I bet everyone or should I say anyone who reads this post has a pair of Blue Jeans the most durable piece of clothing known to man.

I’ve got the blues? I have often wondered how an incredible color like blue got such an association. Blue is soothing. Blue is calming.But sad or in despair? It must be from the “Blues” a genre in music with reference to lower notes because I can’t imagine anything else. Like the ocean or the sky or the blue of the paint brush on canvas. Blue is anything and everything but sad,low or down!

Blue Eyes: Frank Sinatra, “Old Blue Eyes” and me too. My blue eyes has helped  me with the ladies over the years. I will never forget the first time I became aware because it was really cool! I think I was in the 7th grade and the first day of school I had this sizzling hot beautiful  girl with silky black hair sit in front of me. I kept thinking and praying and hoping she would turn around but she never did. The next day I tapped her on the shoulder to ask some made up fake stupid question like “do you have an  eraser I can borrow”? But when she turned around she screams “your eyes”! Hell, I thought they were bleeding or something! I don’t do selfies!

Blue Bell: My favorite Ice Cream brand



Christmas 2015


Just to be sure


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Shower Curtain-Exciting huh?

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