Georgia, United States of America

Bio: Who I am? I don't even know where to start? Should I start at the beggining or maybe the "right now"? Right now I am a 60 year old Stage 4 Cancer Survivor who has been overwhelmed the last few years and I am turning to blogging and writing to hopefully return normality. I started this blog many years ago when WordPress just started and several years before my Cancer journey and today I am in awe at how far WorPress has come and the plethora of bloggers. The one thing I fimd most comendable is the dedication to blogging I see and I can only hope I can have the health and dilligance to be as dedicated. I could bore you to tears with "my story" but I will be breif because I don't want to "loose you." One morning I was shaving and had a small lump on my neck below my left ear. My family having a history of Cancer caused a devine whisper in my ear that did not listen to and the next morning the bump was gone. About 3 weeks later it returned and again a whisper. This time I listened and my family docotor diagnosed a swollen Lymph Node and the lump went away. It returned again but with a vengance, and what would have been minor if only I had listened and went to Oncology was now an emergency. 45 Radiation Treatments combined with weekly Chemo was the immidiate, respsonse hoping to reduce the bump which was now full blown Squamos Cell Carcinoma . The tumor was not reduced in size and surgery was performed December 2010. Today I am Cancer free but Radiation has rendered my Phalanx inoperable which means I can not swallow. I have to eat and drink by a GI Tube, a "water hose" in my stomach, so to speak. Needless to say life is challanging but I have much more than many who have been through this and there were many who did not survive. I could write much more. I could go back to being a Strong Saftey, weighing 205lbs and being on the "King and His Court" in High School as one of the most handsome. How I lost 60lbs in 3 weeks or how there were many nights I prayed for death and then to understand why family members, some who were saints, died from Cancer and the Lord let me live. But I will close here and if you have read this far. Life is worth living. Again, thank you WordPress and the bloggersphere. I am just learning and have a couple of sites for different reasons. See you again soon!

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